Prosthetic Appliances

Prosthetic Appliances in Flower Mound, TX

While bridges and dentures are similar, they work differently. You may be a better candidate for one over the other. Bridges are meant to bridge the gap of missing teeth in between healthy teeth. Bridges are recommended for patients with fewer missing teeth. Dentures are recommended for patients that have several missing teeth.

Fixed permanently and removable prosthetics

Like other types of prostheses, they can either be fixed permanently or removable; fixed prosthodontics and removable dentures are made in many variations. Permanently fixed dental prostheses use dental adhesive or screws to attach to teeth or dental implants. Removal prostheses may use friction against parallel hard surfaces and undercuts of adjacent teeth or dental implants, suction using the mucous retention (with or without aid from denture adhesives), and by exploiting the surrounding muscles and anatomical contours of the jaw to passively hold in place.

Dental prosthetics like crowns, implants, bridges, dentures, and veneers provide solutions to replace missing teeth. You may have lost teeth from trauma, disease, decay, or dental extraction. For whatever reason you lose a tooth or several, you must consider replacing them. You can seek prosthetic appliances dental services to evaluate you and see if you are a candidate.

Why do You Need Dental Prostheses?

Our prosthetic dentist uses dental prostheses to replace or enhance the function of teeth. As age catches up, our teeth wear out and become weaker. The enamel thins and needs to be protected. Our teeth may develop cracks, chips, and other blemishes. You may even lose teeth. Dental issues such as gum disease and decay could result in loss of teeth. As such, our dental prosthetic services serve to provide oral appliances such as dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

Dentures may be fixed or removable. Wearing dentures prevents your remaining teeth from losing their position and becoming misaligned. When there is a void in the dental arch left after the loss of teeth, other teeth can drift to take up the space. This way, you may have increased gapping of teeth and misalignment.

Dental implants in your mouth are an excellent solution to lost or missing teeth. These permanent prosthetic appliances help you chew properly. They also prevent the resorption of the bone, which occurs due to a lack of stimulation by teeth. Dental implants utilize titanium or zirconia posts that serve as the tooth roots.

Dental bridges consist of artificial teeth referred to as pontics. Various dental bridges exist, including cantilever bridges, Maryland dental bridges, and traditional bridges. Contact Smile Craft Dental to help install prosthetic teeth in your mouth to reclaim the lost function of your bite and enhance oral health.

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