Endodontist in Flower Mound, TX

Do you have a significant tooth infection that’s making it impossible for you to go about your daily life? Have you undergone an unsuccessful root canal treatment? Are you looking for a dental specialist that can solve your problem for you once and for all? If you replied positively to any of these queries, then you may benefit from the services of our endodontist in Flower Mound.

An endodontist is a type of dental care specialist who specializes in treatments of the inner parts of a tooth, and most notably, the pulp tissue. The core objective of an endodontist is to save teeth. As such, an endodontist is your best bet if you’re facing challenges such as an infection but still want to keep your natural teeth instead of going for an extraction.

Endodontist Services at Smile Craft Dental

Endodontists in Flower Mound, TX, are mainly known for their root canal treatments. However, this isn’t the only thing that they do. You should consider seeing our endodontist at Smile Craft Dental if any of the following applies to you:

  • You’ve had a root canal in the past, and the infection has recurred. In this case, our endodontist may perform a second root canal or an apicoectomy.
  • You have a significantly infected tooth that cannot be saved by a root canal treatment. Our endodontist can perform a thorough evaluation and suggest possible treatment options, including dental implants.

Why Smile Craft Dental

Smile Craft Dental in Flower Mound understands that the thought of losing a tooth is always scary and nerve-wracking. That’s why our experienced endodontists in Flower Mound will explore all possible options before suggesting a tooth extraction. We are committed to offering compassionate dental care to the Flower Mound community.

Whether you’re struggling with damaged teeth as a result of lifestyle choices, poor dental hygiene, or injury, if there’s a chance of sparing your teeth, our endodontists will grab it.

All our endodontics procedures are performed under anesthesia to eliminate pain and discomfort. Remember to disclose any fears or health concerns that you may have to the specialist dentist, as this allows the dentist to incorporate crucial personal information into your treatment plan.

Do you want to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible? Call Smile Craft Dental today and schedule your appointment with our endodontist.

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