Recovery After Oral Surgery

Recovery After Oral Surgery

Nov 01, 2020

Oral surgery describes any surgical procedure that is performed in or around the mouth and jaw. In most cases it is done by a dental specialist who is trained to performed different kinds of oral surgeries. For simple procedures, a general dentist may sometime be able to do the work. There are different types of oral surgeries, with each having its own unique objective. They include tooth extraction, repositioning of the jaw, gum grafting, placement of dental implants, root canal and even removal of a tumor. There are also instances when it takes a team of dental specialists that includes periodontitis, endodontists and prosthodontists to perform oral surgery.

Oral surgery in Flower Mound, TX, is used as a form of dental treatment to restore optimal oral health. The procedure may seem intimidating and the concern for most patients is that they get through it successfully. However, after the procedure, a critical part follows, which is recovery. Failure to properly recover from oral surgery puts you at risk of further complications. It might also take a toll on both your mental and physical wellness since you had already invested so much to be able to go through the surgery in the first place.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Oral Surgery?

Recovery from oral surgery can be relatively quick. It is the healing process that takes much longer. You can expect to rest for at least 2 days following your oral surgery. During this time, you should be involved in minimal activities, especially those that are physically demanding. Within a week’s time, most patients will be able to resume with their daily life activities without any problem. At this point you may not have fully healed from the surgery yet, so still observe caution until your dentist confirms you are completely healed.

What to Expect During Recovery?

Immediately after surgery, there are some side effects that are normal to experience as part of the healing and recovery process. These include:

  • Some light bleeding which should stop within 24 hours. This is most common after getting tooth extractions.
  • Swelling and tenderness in the area where the dental work was done.
  • Some discomfort and pain, especially after sedation wears off.

If any of these effects seem to be worsening, visit a dentist near you in Flower Mound, TX, to rule out any impending complication.

Tips for An Easy Recovery

There will be need to adjust your lifestyle for the first few days. For instance, you will need to change to a softer diet and avoid certain foods and drinks. Smoking tobacco and alcohol use is also discouraged at this time, by dentists in Flower Mound, TX. You will also need to observe all instructions given by your dentist including taking all the prescribe medications. In most cases you will have painkillers to manage any pain and discomfort, and some antibiotics to keep infections off. Try taking it easy and do push yourself too hard. Also keep an eye on the progress you are making daily so that you can know if you are doing the right thing or there is need for additional assistance from a trained physician.

Oral Hygiene After Oral Surgery

It is still important that you continue with your oral hygiene routine despite having to nurse a surgical wound. Dentist advise you to brush and floss at least twice every day but be gentle and try to avoid the healing area. Within the first 24 hours, you can hold on brushing and flossing since any kind of spitting or sucking can cause a clot to dislodge, especially after having teeth extraction done. Thereafter gently brush and floss as you would normally do. Keeping your mouth clean after surgery is important to stop accumulation of bacteria that could cause an infection on the healing area.

To learn more about oral surgery and how the process can be made convenient and comfortable for you, visit us at Smile Craft Dental or book your appointment today. We use a unique and gentle approach to providing dental healthcare to ensure patients always have a pleasant experience.

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