7 FAQ on Dental Implants That You Must Know!

7 FAQ on Dental Implants That You Must Know!

Sep 01, 2020

Dental science has evolved in the last few decades. Gone are the days when you wear those metal braces and have cuts all over your mouth to straighten the misaligned teeth. Even replacing your worn-out has been made easy with dental implants.

You might be looking for a dentist near you, but if you reside around Flower Mound, TX, you can easily avail dental care from Smile Craft Dental. With the traditional and conventional dentures now a pass, dental implants have taken a fore-seat. More convenient and lesser expenditure for after-care has made implants more acceptable among the Americans.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants resemble a tooth root that protrudes out from your gums. The dental implants are mostly made from titanium and are placed under your jawbone by surgical methods. The dental implants are fused into your jawbones in due time and facilitates the dentist to mount the dental replacements.

You can undergo dental implants in Flower Mound, TX, and experienced dentists can guide you with the process. Dental implants are the closest way to get healthy and natural teeth. Once placed, it can be challenging to differentiate it from natural teeth and perform all the functions of your natural teeth. Eating, smiling, and talking can be renewed with dental implants. Depending on your oral cavity state, the dentist can guide you on whether to go with the endosteal or subperiosteal process.

Frequently Asked Questions of Dental Implant

Once you have zeroed down or your dentist has guided on undergoing dental implants, numerous questions might cross your mind. Going through this FAQ on dental implants can help you to have a clear picture of implants.

#1: Who Can Undergo Implant?

Anyone who is with a missing tooth or more is eligible to undergo dental implants. Even you are likely to undergo dental implants if you had lost all the teeth due to some chronic dental ailment or dental trauma. Your dentist can guide you with the best available dental implant treatment.

#2: Do Implants Last?

The most significant advantage of using dental implants is that dental implants are not susceptible to dental ailments, unlike your natural teeth. Although the implanted teeth do not decay or are not affected by cavities, it is essential to maintain the health of your gums.

Consistent home care of the implants is enough to make them last for decades, and regular dental check-ups are important to increase the implants’ sustainability. Each patient is different, and it is advisable to visit the dentist for increasing the longevity of your implants.

#3: Are Implants Movable?

Unlike the dentures, your dental implants are fixed and cannot be removed. The implants fuse with your jaws in due time and provide a perfect frame for the dentist to place the artificial teeth on the protruding dental roots.

#4: Are Dental Implant Processes Successful?

Although the dental implant process varies from person to person depending on the state of their oral cavity and oral health, food habits also play a vital role. A healthy person with good oral health has higher rates of success of dental implants. On average, dental implants are successful in over 90% of instances.

#5: How Long Does it Take to Administer Dental Implants?

Often the dentist places the dental implants and places a temporary tooth at the same time as the remaining tooth is removed. This process can be undertaken when you have healthy gum. On the other hand, the dentist might wait until the affected place is healed after placing a dental implant.

The whole implant procedure takes about six months for the upper jaw and around three months for the lower jaw.

#6: Any Fixed Age for Undergoing Dental Implants?

Clinical histories reveal that patients well over ninny years of age have undergone dental implants successfully. There is no age barrier for undergoing dental implants.

#7: How to Choose Right Dental Clinic?

To start with, you should look for years of experience in dental implants—the next factor to look for in the pool of dentists offering treatment. Dental implants can be a bit costly, and acceptance of insurance in the clinic can also be a factor.

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